Terms and Conditions


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  4. You are responsible for any content that you contribute to the system. The opinions expressed by contributing members through their posts submitted to our system are their own and do not represent in any way the views of Bentahero.com. Bentahero.com bears no responsibility to any of these contents.
  5. Respect the privacy of other people. Don’t give any personal information of other persons without their permissions.
  6. Sending unsolicited e-mails or posting SPAM with links to any part of Bentahero.com is strictly prohibited.
  7. Bentahero.com has all the rights to block usage of the system from any member who violates any system rules and policies.
  8. Advertisements must be posted in the correct categories. Site admins can delete an advertisement not posted in the correct categories.
  9. Avoid posting multiple, unrelated items in one advertisement.
  10. Do not post any advertisements in the community forum. Keep all advertisement posts in the main website.
  11. Always use correct details when creating advertisements. Advertisements with incorrect or irrelevant details are considered misleading and will be deleted.
  12. Denouncing and prohibiting sale, advertisement, or promotion of counterfeit goods, Bentahero.com holds you accountable for your own ads and posts that are leading to an infringement of patent and any other rights governed by applicable laws.
  13. Misleading information in advertisements are strictly prohibited. Misleading information includes, but are not limited to, incorrect pricing, incorrect condition, and images unrelated to the advertisement including thumbnails.
  14. Bentahero.com aims to be a family-safe website. In order to uphold this goal, all information to be posted or specified within the website must follow the website rules.

Website Rules


  1. No adult content or any sexual materials.
  2. No offensive materials depicting excessive violence.
  3. No foul, offensive or improper language.
  4. No racist, hateful or flaming comments.
  5. No reference to any illegal materials and activities.
  6. Avoid misleading information.
  7. No reference to materials protected by copyright and intellectual property laws without the prior permission from the rightful owner(s).