• Wiccapedia A Modern-Day White Witch’s Guide
  • Wiccapedia A Modern-Day White Witch’s Guide

Wiccapedia A Modern-Day White Witch’s Guide

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Author: Shawn Robbins
Publisher: Sterling Ethos
Format: electronic publication
Pages: 240
Language: English

There are some implements witches simply cannot live without and quite a few more they may just like to have. Some of you may want to follow tradition and accumulate several of the ancient tools to make your “tool kit” as authentic as possible. However, this isn’t always necessary. Your spells and rituals will still work even if you use the bare basics. Modern witches such as Shawn tend to toss aside a lot of the old apparatus and incorporate some modern appliances into their spell casting, whereas I like the idea of creating a timeless atmosphere with my spells, so I use vintage tools if I can get my hands on them. Whatever assemblage you decide on, it is key that you feel comfortable with the tools you choose. The required tools vary from spell to spell. There are a few rituals that don’t require any implements at all, but for most, a selection of candles and herbs is generally kept close at hand, as well as tools such as the pentagram (to represent the five elements), crystals (to energize the area), and salt (to sanctify the space). Many people are discouraged from casting certain spells because the ingredients or tools are hard to get hold of, but you can be as flexible as you want, and it is okay to improvise. There are, however, several items you’ll certainly need. A base to work on, called an altar, is highly recommended. You should create your own altar and personalize it to your taste with whatever charms and objects speak to you. Some homes do not have space to accommodate a full-size altar, which can be anything from a large coffee table to a dining table. If space is an issue, you can use a shelf, tabletop, small coffee table, or mantelpiece. Some witches born under a fire or earth sign prefer to cast their spells directly on natural wood, while others like covering their altars in cloth, which can be bought inexpensively at fabric shops. If you do opt for a cloth, the best color to use is lavender or deep purple. In Wiccan circles, the color purple is thought to be the most positive color to attract spiritual fulfillment. It is also associated with chakra balancing and healing and will create the perfect mood for your magick.

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